J Neurosci. 2011 Aug 10;31(32):11521-6. doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.1682-11.2011.

TRPM1 forms complexes with nyctalopin in vivo and accumulates in postsynaptic compartment of ON-bipolar neurons in mGluR6-dependent manner.External 2231691f894ba696de1310221b0a0dbbb31a7251e75115c265587c3d9d5f507c

Cao, Y., Posokhova, E., Martemyanov, K. A.,
["Department of Neuroscience, The Scripps Research Institute, Jupiter, Florida 33458, USA."]
Synaptic transmission between light-sensory photoreceptor cells and downstream ON-bipolar neurons plays an important role for vertebrate vision. This process is mediated by the G-protein-coupled receptor pathway involving glutamate receptor mGluR6 and effector channel TRPM1. The signal transmission occurs on a rapid timescale; however, the molecular organization that ensures timely signaling in this cascade is unknown. Genetic studies in human patients and animal models reveal that ON-bipolar cell signaling depends on the synaptic protein nyctalopin. We have conducted a proteomic search for proteins associated with nyctalopin in the mouse retina and identified TRPM1 as the binding partner. We further demonstrate that nyctalopin additionally interacts with mGluR6 receptor. Disruption of mGluR6 prevented targeting of TRPM1 to the postsynaptic compartment of ON-bipolar neurons. These results reveal a unique macromolecular organization of the mGluR6 cascade, where principal signaling components are scaffolded by nyctalopin, creating an organization essential for the correct localization of the signaling ensemble and ultimately intact transmission of the signal at the first visual synapse.
PMID: 21832182External 2231691f894ba696de1310221b0a0dbbb31a7251e75115c265587c3d9d5f507c
Validation: In vivo validation Toggle 893349bafcc528f8346c51dc3420151d67b0126b2c122dd1017121c03fa0f69b
  Assay with endogenous proteins Assay with overexpressed proteins Reference
Cell or tissue Cell or tissue TRP channel construct Interactor construct
TRP channel Interactor Method Species Region Species Region
TRPM1 Link 2bd4d11adb659cddf58197a94e201f0a44c55d8d7cb427c624971b42e122c0a4 Nyctalopin Co-immunoprecipitation HEK293T Mouse Full-length Mouse Full-length 21832182
(Link 2bd4d11adb659cddf58197a94e201f0a44c55d8d7cb427c624971b42e122c0a4: click the arrow icon to show interactions only between the corresponding TRP channel and the interactor)
TRP / Interactor

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