J Mol Endocrinol. 2010 May;44(5):285-94. doi: 10.1677/JME-09-0138. Epub 2010 Mar 1.

Expression and association of TRPC subtypes with Orai1 and STIM1 in human parathyroid.External 2231691f894ba696de1310221b0a0dbbb31a7251e75115c265587c3d9d5f507c

Lu, M., Branstrom, R., Berglund, E., Hoog, A., Bjorklund, P., Westin, G., Larsson, C., Farnebo, L. O., Forsberg, L.,
["Departments of Molecular Medicine and Surgery Oncology-Pathology, Karolinska Institutet, Karolinska University Hospital L1:03, 171 76 Stockholm, Sweden."]
The mechanism behind Ca(2)(+) entry into the parathyroid cells has been widely debated, and the molecular identities of the responsible ion channels have not been established yet. In this study, we show that the parathyroid cells lack voltage-operated Ca(2)(+) channels. Passive store depletion by thapsigargin, on the other hand, induces a large non-voltage-activated non-selective cation current. The increase in intracellular Ca(2)(+) caused by thapsigargin is attenuated by 2-aminoethoxydiphenyl borate, a blocker of store-operated Ca(2)(+) entry (SOCE). Candidate molecules for non-voltage-operated Ca(2)(+) signaling were investigated. These included members of the transient receptor potential canonical (TRPC) ion channel family, as well as Ca(2)(+) release-activated Ca(2)(+) modulator 1 (Orai1) and stromal interaction molecule 1 (STIM1) that are key proteins in the SOCE pathway. Using RT-PCR screening, quantitative real-time PCR, and western blot, we showed expression of TRPC1, TRPC4, and TRPC6; Orai1; and STIM1 genes and proteins in normal and adenomatous human parathyroid tissues. Furthermore, co-immunoprecipitation experiments demonstrated a ternary complex of TRPC1-Orai1-STIM1, supporting a physical interaction between these molecules in human parathyroid.
PMID: 20194530External 2231691f894ba696de1310221b0a0dbbb31a7251e75115c265587c3d9d5f507c
Validation: In vivo validation Toggle 893349bafcc528f8346c51dc3420151d67b0126b2c122dd1017121c03fa0f69b
  Assay with endogenous proteins Assay with overexpressed proteins Reference
Cell or tissue Cell or tissue TRP channel construct Interactor construct
TRP channel Interactor Method Species Region Species Region
TRPC1 Link 2bd4d11adb659cddf58197a94e201f0a44c55d8d7cb427c624971b42e122c0a4 Orai1 Co-immunoprecipitation Human parathyroid tissue 20194530
TRPC1 Link 2bd4d11adb659cddf58197a94e201f0a44c55d8d7cb427c624971b42e122c0a4 STIM1 Co-immunoprecipitation Human parathyroid tissue 20194530
(Link 2bd4d11adb659cddf58197a94e201f0a44c55d8d7cb427c624971b42e122c0a4: click the arrow icon to show interactions only between the corresponding TRP channel and the interactor)
TRP / Interactor

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