J Biol Chem. 2009 Apr 10;284(15):9733-41. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M808097200. Epub 2009 Feb 19.

Native Store-operated Ca2+ Influx Requires the Channel Function of Orai1 and TRPC1.External 2231691f894ba696de1310221b0a0dbbb31a7251e75115c265587c3d9d5f507c

Kim, M. S., Zeng, W., Yuan, J. P., Shin, D. M., Worley, P. F., Muallem, S.,
["Department of Physiology, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, Dallas, Texas 75390, USA."]
With the discovery of STIM1 and Orai1 and gating of both TRPC and Orai1 channels by STIM1, a central question is the role of each of the channels in the native store-operated Ca(2+) influx (SOCs). Here, we used a strategy of knockdown of Orai1 and of TRPC1 alone and in combination and rescue by small interfering RNA-protected mutants (sm) of smOrai1 and smTRPC1 to demonstrate that in human embryonic kidney (HEK) cells, rescue of SOCs required co-transfection of low levels of both smOrai1 and smTRPC1. The pore mutant Orai1(E106Q) failed to rescue the SOCs in the presence or absence of TRPC1 and, surprisingly, the pore mutant TRPC1(F562A) failed to rescue the SOCs in the presence or absence of Orai1. TRPC1 is gated by electrostatic interaction between TRPC1(D639D,D640D) with STIM1(K684K, K685K). Strikingly, the channel-dead TRPC1(D639K,D640K) that can be rescued only by the STIM1(K684E,K685E) mutant could restore SOCs only when expressed with Orai1 and STIM1(K684E,K685E). Accordingly, we found a mutual requirement of Orai1 and TRPC1 for their interaction with the native STIM1 in HEK cells. By contrast, SOC and the CRAC current in Jurkat cells were inhibited by knockdown of Orai1 but were not influenced by knockdown on TRPC1 or TRPC3. These findings define the molecular makeup of the native SOCs in HEK cells and the role of a STIM1-Orai1-TRPC1 complex in SOC activity.
PMID: 19228695External 2231691f894ba696de1310221b0a0dbbb31a7251e75115c265587c3d9d5f507c
Validation: In vivo validation Toggle 893349bafcc528f8346c51dc3420151d67b0126b2c122dd1017121c03fa0f69b
  Assay with endogenous proteins Assay with overexpressed proteins Reference
Cell or tissue Cell or tissue TRP channel construct Interactor construct
TRP channel Interactor Method Species Region Species Region
TRPC1 Link 2bd4d11adb659cddf58197a94e201f0a44c55d8d7cb427c624971b42e122c0a4 STIM1 Co-immunoprecipitation HEK293 Human Full-length Not used 19228695
(Link 2bd4d11adb659cddf58197a94e201f0a44c55d8d7cb427c624971b42e122c0a4: click the arrow icon to show interactions only between the corresponding TRP channel and the interactor)
TRP / Interactor

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