Novartis Found Symp. 2004;258:44-58; discussion 58-62, 98-102, 263-6.

TRPC channel interactions with calmodulin and IP3 receptors.External 2231691f894ba696de1310221b0a0dbbb31a7251e75115c265587c3d9d5f507c

Zhu, M. X., Tang, J.,
["Center for Molecular Neurobiology and Department of Neuroscience, The Ohio State University, 168 Rightmire Hall, 1060 Carmack Road, Columbus, Ohio 43210, USA."]
Consistent with the conformational coupling mechanism, which suggests that store-operated channels are activated via physical interactions with intracellular calcium release channels, previous studies have demonstrated a functional coupling and a physical interaction between the transient receptor potential canonical type 3 (TRPC3) and inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor (IP3R). The IP3R-TRPC binding domains were determined using in vitro binding assays. This work aimed to study the effect of IP3R-TRPC interaction on TRPC function. Pull-down experiments were used to study the binding of TRPC to IP3R and to calmodulin. Patch clamp recordings in whole-cell and inside-out configurations were used to examine the effect of a TRPC-binding IP3R fragment, Ca2+ and calmodulin on TRPC activity. We found that IP3R and calmodulin compete for a common binding site at the TRPC C-terminus. TRPC channels are activated either by a peptide representing the TRPC-binding domain of IP3R or by inactivation of calmodulin from the excised membrane patches. TRPC3 activity is inhibited by Ca2+ and calmodulin. Therefore, we have identified a critical IP3R-TRPC interaction that is involved in the activation of TRPC-formed channels. We propose that IP3Rs activate TRPC channels by displacing inhibitory calmodulin from a common calmodulin-IP3R binding site located at the C-terminus of TRPC.
PMID: 15104175External 2231691f894ba696de1310221b0a0dbbb31a7251e75115c265587c3d9d5f507c
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  Binding region mapping Stoichiometry Affinity (Kd) Reference
TRP channel Interactor
TRP channel Interactor Method Species Region Species Region
TRPC4 Link 2bd4d11adb659cddf58197a94e201f0a44c55d8d7cb427c624971b42e122c0a4 Calmodulin Fusion protein-pull down assay Mouse 695-724 Not specified Not determined 15104175
TRPC4 Link 2bd4d11adb659cddf58197a94e201f0a44c55d8d7cb427c624971b42e122c0a4 IP3R3 Fusion protein-pull down assay Mouse 695-724 Human 669-698 15104175
(Link 2bd4d11adb659cddf58197a94e201f0a44c55d8d7cb427c624971b42e122c0a4: click the arrow icon to show interactions only between the corresponding TRP channel and the interactor)
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